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My Name is Lorena Ladera, and I will be your Access Bars Therapist. Originally, I am from Venezuela but I now live in Marietta, GA. While I've been involved in many different Holistic practices for 15 years, but now my goal is to introduce you to Access Bars, one of the most energetic practices I have ever experienced, and now with which I am involved.

I discovered that with the use of Access Bar tools, it’s possible to create a self awareness which eases the everyday hustle and bustle we all experience. I also knew I would love to share Access Bars with others, and I’ve been an active Practitioner and then I became Facilitator.

Now it’s time to share Access Bars with you!

Would you be interested in how to make your day Easier?


Are you ready to rediscover the JOY of daily life?


Why not EXPERIENCE a less stressful day?

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Ask yourself, would you be willing to experience a different feeling of tranquility? Do you want to minimize daily stress and anxiety, become more focused in your daily activities, and above all else, improve your daily life and relationships?

Then I am confident I can contribuite you to empower you to believe in your power of transformation. Let's move from bravery, connecting with discipline, & be transparent with your journey to find your connection to expand your wellbeing.

 Contact me for more information.

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