It focuses on nutrition as a whole, physical activity, relationships, career or profession and spirituality.

These elements can affect health markers such as stress, weight, and energy levels. The relationship between food and lifestyle and how both affect health is the main focus
There is no secret formula: EACH PERSON IS UNIQUE!


We will create real physical transformation plans, based on your needs and personal goals. We will use your lifestyle habits as a basis, to define what can be improved and what can be maintained.  We will explore the foods that make you feel better than others, to achieve physical well-being. As we work together, you will realize the food choices that best suit you, connect with your body, with your intention to transform and discover more about you than you knew, and you will be able to maintain the changes in the long term.

During the time we work together, we will explore:

Bioindividuality is the concept that no one diet or lifestyle works for everyone, so each person has their own unique needs and have a way of eating and living that works best for everyone. I will guide you to discover YOUR Bio-individuality.

Primary Food Health isn't just about diet and exercise. You can eat a perfect diet and exercise daily, but if you have a stressful job or are in a toxic relationship, which limits you, it will not allow you to reach your potential, your goal of health and well-being.  Elements such as healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and spiritual awareness are essential forms of holistic eating.  When these "primary foods" are in balance, what we eat becomes secondary.  I will be with you in this process of transformation, to support you in achieving your goals, at the same time finding your inner power, your personal value and what you are capable of doing, becoming your real version of yourself.