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Energetic Clearing

Would you like to change the energy of your home, business or work?

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Meadow Lane

Service Description

Energetic clearing is an online session where I will clear the spaces in which it is necessary to change and move the stagnant energy giving way to peace and lightness are shown in the spaces and create the vibrational harmony that invites prosperity in your spaces. What else is possible? When we talk about land, house, car, or business, we are not talking about the entity of people. We give energy to everything, vital energy. If you are having trouble selling a home, have disruptive energies or strange happenings such as things going bump in the night, or if you are not your usual happy self in certain rooms or areas in your home, having depressive or angry thoughts, accidents, itching or erratic/chaotic behavior, etc.; a SIMPLY ENTITY/HOUSE CLEARING of the home and property could be all that is required for a new, cohesive, peaceful, clean, clear energy to permeate the space. An entity is a very simple being or energy, so entities are part of the natural world; as are many other elements invisible such as bacteria, oxygen, and feelings. Just because you can't seeing them, doesn't mean they don't have a big impact on everything.

Contact Details

  • Meadow Lane, Marietta, GA, USA

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